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This full day 5-7 hour hike is the ultimate Devil’s Lake State Park adventure! If you always wanted to see the South Bluff of Devil’s Lake State Park this rugged all-day trek is the premier experience. We’ll wind our way up the forested, south bluff using a fairly straightforward network of deer trails. We’ll cover about a 400-foot elevation with lots of trees and brush to walk over, around and under along the way. When we arrive at the top, the views are nothing less than spectacular so you will definitely want to bring your camera!  At this point, we’ll take a break, have lunch and enjoy the views.

After lunch, the real challenging part of the day begins. We’ll navigate our way east across the rocky summit, through a maze of forest, rocks, and bog. There’s very little in the way of navigable trails out here, each trip will be slightly different! As we continue we’ll work our way toward an ancient terminal moraine, a wall of dirt and rock created by the last Wisconsin glaciation. Then with a bit of observation, we’ll notice the muddy, wetland beneath our feet will begin coalescing into small veins of water that collect into rivulets before turning into streams until coming together into cascades of pools and waterfalls that we will follow back down to the foot of the bluff.

Once down, we will make our way through the forest to an abandoned railway spur which will lead us through the remains of an old quarry rock crushing complex. When we get to the complex, you’ll be just a few minutes from the first real bathroom and a chance to fill your water bottles before we make our way back through the park’s south shore picnic area and then back to our cars.

This is my favorite trip, but to be clear, it will make for a long day and you do need to be in fairly good condition with a good sense of balance.

Ideal For: 16 years and older, team building, scout troops, adventurous types

Length: Full Day (5-7 hours)

*Per Person Rates

1 person Call/Email
2-3 ppl $125*
4-6 ppl $95*
Larger Groups Call/Email
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