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Not long after the Sauk Prairie Recreation Area on the southern border of Devil’s Lake State Park opened to the public, we set off on an epic day hike that could not have happened since long before the decommissioned Badger Ammunition Plant was built in 1942. Starting from the banks of the Wisconsin River we hiked across the prairie and up and over the south and east bluffs to Devil’s Lake State Park’s Steinke Basin Parking area. Now THAT was an adventure!

This tour covers the first section of that journey. The grasslands to the southern bluff. We’ll hike from the southern end of the Sauk Prairie Recreation Area across wide open prairies where we’ll see the remains of the decommissioned army ammo plant scattered across the landscape. We’ll find abandoned farms and grassland birds now rare in Wisconsin. Nearing the hills we’ll enter forests and wetlands before heading up to end our day on a dirt road at the southwest corner of Devil’s Lake State Park. There is simply nothing comparable to this off-trail day hike in southern Wisconsin!

Ideal For: Families, Team Building, Birdwatchers, ages 12 and up.

Length: Full Day (4-6 hours)

*Per Person Rates

1 person Call/Email
2-3 ppl $95*
4-6 ppl $50*
Larger Groups Call/Email
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