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Here’s the stuff you’ll want to bring along on a day hike here in the Baraboo Hills.  We’ll bring the other stuff.

  • Water – Reusable Nalgene, bottled water or hydration bladders like a Camelback. How much water? That depends on you. Minimum 2 liters on a 4hr hike for average ppl. (1 liter = 33.8oz) Often bottles and packs can be filled before we head out, but not at all locations. Filling your hydration packs before you head out is a good idea.
  • Medications – Any prescription or over the counter medications you take regularly! (Think Epipen & inhalers!)
  • Snacks – Pack specific regional foods or dietary requirements.  (We will have trail mix, cliff bars & fruit to share.)
  • Layered Clothing – Weather changes. It’s often chilly in the morning when we get started, hot by midday and cool again at night. Bring thin layers that you can stack to accommodate variable weather. A warm hat, like a beanie, isn’t a bad idea either!
  • Wind/Rain Jacket – An inexpensive poncho works great too! (We do have ponchos you can use.)
  • Proper footwear – hiking shoes or boots are necessary. No open-toed sandals or water shoes, please! Remember to break your shoes in before joining a day hike! Nothing can ruin a hike faster than blisters!
  • Backpack – Small bag to carry gear, food, and water during your hikes. Please don’t bring a cooler with you on your trip.
  • Swimsuit – You may want to hit the beach at Devil’s Lake later in the day!
  • Camera – Remember to include gear like additional lenses, filters and a tripod (IF you can carry them throughout the hike).
  • Binoculars – Great for seeing birds, climbers, and other wildlife! (We will have a pair or two to share around.)
  • Sun Protection – Sunscreen, lip balm, hat and sunglasses
  • Bug repellent – Mosquitos & Ticks are active in the Baraboo Hills, so bring your choice of repellant if you are sensitive to them. We have some tips on this to share when you arrive.
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